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Our experienced team will find the best possible match for your needs.

Once the impression of your mouth is made, we like to do a couple of visits to make accurate measurements for tooth size and shape, and a preliminary try-in for your final approval before final fabrication of your new smile.

We use the highest grade acrylic base material that is cured under heat and pressure for nine-hours to achieve optimum strength and durability. The actual teeth are one of the strongest available that chemically bond to the base material during the curing process to form a unified, reinforced denture.

Under normal service, a denture lasts 5-10 years, depending on how it is constructed and variables such as chewing habits and changes in the tissue that support the denture. Beyond that time the fit may deteriorate, and tooth surfaces will be worn down. Often, the appearance will no longer be fresh and youthful as the teeth gradually wear or stain.

While not common, extreme forces such as accidentally dropping on a hard surface or an excessive biting force can cause a crack, chip, or broken tooth, requiring a repair procedure. We can normally return the repaired denture back to you the same day.

We value our patients, and our goal is to ensure they are content. In rare instances where this is not possible, we are usually able to work out a satisfying solution to the problem.

Many of our patients have dental insurance coverage. We are always happy to help you receive the maximum benefit your plan provides.

Dr. Strawn also practices general dentistry at Midway Dental Center and is happy to provide those services, including tooth removal, as needed for his denture patients.

These are very small diameter titanium posts that are threaded gently through the gum tissue and anchored in the bone underneath. The end that remains above the gum is designed to snap into an O ring on the underside of the denture to provide grip and support for the denture and stabilize it. This is particularly advantageous for lower dentures.

Changes in the shape of the supporting tissue can occur over time. Weight loss is a common factor, as well as other health conditions. This can cause the denture to loosen or become sore. By relining or refitting, the denture comfort and security can be improved. We do this chairside while you wait, and you are usually out in an hour or less.

Our recommendation is to have an annual checkup if you are wearing complete dentures. This also provides for oral cancer screening and tissue evaluation. If you are wearing a partial denture or have implants, you should have checkups and cleanings at least every six months to maintain a healthy mouth.

There are many factors that determine your chewing ability. Each patient is different. A set of teeth supported by gum tissue will function differently than natural teeth solidly anchored into bone. Most people over time successfully adapt to this difference and are happy with the result.

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